Sugar Factory

“Sugar Factory” is a personal history of a country that no longer exists. At the same time, it is also a story of an unusual place and people who left their permanent mark in it.


Starting from the narrator's father Petar (who is in many ways connected to the fate of Egypt and former Yugoslavia, as well as to the house that now accommodates the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Cairo), to the narrator himself (Boris Miljković) who found himself in this house in 1991 (when the disintegration of Yugoslavia began), all the way to the narrator's friends from Cairo and their experiences, where Egypt and Yugoslavia are important stops in their life's journey.

Story of the documentary series "Sugar Factory" is divided in chapters that are named after concepts that define the content and essence of the series, both from the emotional and documentary point of view. "Father", "Homeland", "Esma", "Home", "Ambassadors", "Television", "Hotels", "Fairytale" - these are the titles of the chapters that will show to the audience the details about the protagonists of this personal history and classify them in emotional compartments.

After a certain time, seemingly unrelated events start to assume their true order and timeline, regardless of the moment in which they appeared in this kaleidoscope of events. As a result, certain events that we originally believed to be a fabrication and absolute figment of hindsight memory over time start to be observed as true, and exactly in certain events that are yet to happen.

This is why this personal history eventually speaks of the drama of our present situation - of the painful experiences of people who leave their homeland and face sadness, isolation, nostalgia and void.


Genre: Art history

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2015.

Broadcast channel: RTS

Autrhor/Director: Boris Miljkovic

Duration: 4 x 30'

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