Diana’s Children

Documentary film titled “Diana’s Children” is a story of a woman who saved more than 7,000 Serbian children from the Ustashi concentration camp Jasenovac.

Diana Obexer Budisavljevic, an Austrian woman marred to a Serb, organised the largest relief campaign during World War II.

With a group of collaborators, she saved thousands of little ones from certain death in Jasenovac Concentration Camp in the Independent State of Croatia. Being exposed to pressures from Germany, who did not condone the Ustashi crimes over the Serbian population because it instigated revolt among the subjugated people, the Ustashi agreed involuntarily to grant permission to Diana to move the Serbian children from Jasenovac. On the grounds of Jasenovac Camp Complex, the largest of its kind in the Balkans, 19 433 Serbian, Jewish and Roma children were killed.
"Diana's Children" is a story of compassionate people in the hardest of times, it is a story of gratitude everyone should learn from - that no situation, no mater how difficult and bad it was, is an excuse for not doing good deeds.


Genre: History, WWII

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2017.

Broadcast channel: RTS

Duration: 60'

Author/Director: Sladjana Zaric


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