Dear user of RTS Internet portal Android and iOS application

By logging into this site and downloading RTS Android and iOS applications, you give permission for processing and using your personal data for the purpose and in the manner described by this statement.

We will occasionally ask you to provide us with your personal information (e.g., name and e-mail address), so that you can receive or use the services of RTS the Internet Portal.

The e-mail addresses of the registered users of the service on this site are not shared with anyone (third parties) under any conditions.

In the mobile app for Android and iOS, we will occasionally collect information on the way of use of the application. These data are treated only as group statistics, and as such we keep them for our analysis, as well as for the future improvement of services towards you.

Additionally, the app can monitor the way you consume content, so as to provide you with relevant advertising messages and content within your mobile application.

The site does not use cookies.

In case you want to withdraw the consent or are dissatisfied with the services that are provided through your E-mail and want to stop further use, please send your request for termination of service to the RTS Internet Service. We commit not to give, display, rent or sell your data (forms, surveys, correspondence, etc.) to third parties and we will delete it on your request, or in case of withdrawal of consent.

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