Journey to Future

In its first season, “Journey to Future” takes us on a voyage through history of fine arts in our region, from the 1950s until the beginning of 1970s.


This series should not be regarded as the extension of the education system, a video textbook, document, or even a monument. It should be regarded as a new reality created by the author, with a little help from his friends and people competent in certain areas, primarily with a desire for the future generations not to live convinced that reality programmes are the only possible television reality, but to get acquainted with the diversity and wealth of visual arts in our region in the second half of the 20th century...The central theme of the narrative takes the stand that every important artistic act in the 20th century was an act of rebellion. Between observations of artistic values, the series strives towards revealing the causes and outcomes of such a rebellion here. Within 13 episodes of the first season, there are three bonus episodes departing from the course of history - one deals with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, one with exhibitions and one with television.


Four presenters take us on the exciting "Journey to Future" - Doctor No (Tanasije Uzunovic), a witness, contemporary and interpreter of the events addressed in the series; art historian (Oliver Tomic), who introduces us to the most important artists, periods, events, developments, artistic expressions and poetics; Miss Trivia (Milica Suznjevic) who knows everything about everything, and an expert in the matter, discerning erudite and globetrotter, who provides the topics with a broader historical and political context.

Genre: Art history

Country of production: Serbia

Year of production: 2017.

Broadcast channel: RTS

Author: Boris Miljkovic

Director: Filip Martinovic

Duration: 13 x 40'


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