RTS Archive: Journey back to the golden age of radio and television

Radio, television and photo archive.


Our archive is the Balkan's most extensive and complete radio, television and photo archive. We have been recording and preserving the audio material of Radio Belgrade since 1925 and video material since 1958.


Exclusive video footage includes:

-The Khmer Rouge - Pol Pot;

-Air crash survivor: Vesna Vulovic, flight attendant who survived a 10 km fall after her plane exploded;

-President Tito - various footage;

-The Unaligned Movement - various footage;

-Student protests 1968;

-Kosovo 1981-1999;

-Slobodan Milosevic;

-Wars in former Yugoslavia;

and many more...

Content and footage is available for license for: broadcast, production of documentaries, feature films, music videos, soundtracks, educational resources, corporate/training films, web projects and for advertising.


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